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Where can I find the nutritional values of the products?

You can find all nutritional values on the product pages of the individual products in our store. Please note that all nutritional values add up due to the removal of water during the freeze-drying process. The fruits therefore weigh much less when f

Do your products contain sugar or other additives?

Our fruit contains no added sugar and no other additives. However, they do naturally contain fructose. As the water is removed during the freeze-drying process, all the nutritional values add up. The fruit therefore weighs much less when freeze-dried

Why do the fruits have more calories than fresh fruit?

This is simply due to the freeze-drying process, which makes the fruit so crispy, as it removes the water. The taste and almost all the vitamins and nutrients are retained. The nutritional values therefore add up. Calculated per 100g, the fruit conta

Are your fruits vegan and gluten-free?

Yes, our products are all vegan and gluten-free. It is important to know that we do not have our own production facilities and therefore cannot permanently monitor the production process (apart from internal audits). We also have many different suppl

What distinguishes buah fruit from conventionally dried fruit?

Our fruits contain no added sugar and no other additives. buah fruits are not only crunchier, but also have a more intense flavor due to their lower water content. Moreover, our freeze-dried fruit contains no additives. Thanks to the very gentle free

What distinguishes buah fruit from frozen fruit?

Frozen fruit contains just as much water as fresh fruit. As a result, they taste less intense and are less versatile. Or have you ever snacked on frozen berries on the go?. Our buah fruits are not only tastier and more varied, they are also less dema

Which drying processes do you use?

There are three main types of drying processes for dried fruit: natural or industrial air drying, vacuum drying and freeze-drying. We freeze-dry all fruits except for the coconut chips and our fruit balls, which are air-dried, and the apple pieces, w

My cans contain different amounts of fruit. And why the strange numbers in grams?

As the fruits have different volumes, the cans also contain different amounts. For example, the large pineapple cans contain 168g and the large strawberry cans only 96g. However, the cans are the same size and filled to the same level. Due to the dif

Why do the pieces of fruit stick together?

Don't panic, this is completely normal. The sticking together is caused by the fructose, which is naturally present.

Are the products free from eggs, nuts and edible nuts?

Yes, they are. Our products do not contain any allergens that require labeling in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011.

Origin & production

Where do buah fruits come from?. The idea of our two founders was to bring the intense fruit flavor that you get from fruit in southern countries to Germany. The fruit in our supermarkets is usually harvested unripe so that it survives the long journ


How do I prepare a smoothie?. It's very simple. You take approx. 30g of your buah fruit and approx. 150ml of liquid per glass and blend it into a creamy, tempting drink. You can use cold water, tea or milk for this. The more liquid you like your smoo