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Why is there no trace labeling?

We understand that trace labeling is of great importance to many customers, especially those with allergies or special dietary requirements. We want to assure you that the safety and satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority. The impri

Why is there a warning for children?

The warning for children up to the age of 4 is primarily intended to protect the youngest children. Due to their size and consistency, nuts can pose a choking risk, especially for children who are not yet able to chew and swallow food properly.

How does the price come about?

With our fruit and nut mixes, as with all our products, we attach great importance to high-quality raw materials and the best quality. We set ourselves high standards here, which we check during the entire production process through regular inspectio

Why are there different mixing ratios?

We always test our products to the highest quality standards, including ensuring the correct mixing ratio for our fruit and nut mixes. However, in rare cases, some inhomogeneity may occur due to production processes or transportation movements. We ta

Why do we use roasted nuts?

The roasting process not only intensifies the flavor of the nuts, but also improves their texture and crunchiness. Our nuts are gently roasted at low temperatures and without additional oil. This results in an even more pleasant taste experience for

Why are there so few whole nuts & fruits?

When producing our fruit and nut mixes, we always ensure the highest quality and freshness. Due to the natural nature of freeze-dried fruit & nuts, it is possible that fruit & nuts may break during production or transportation. As these are natural p

How should our fruit and nut mixes be stored?

To preserve the optimum quality of the product, we recommend storing the nut and fruit mix in a cool, dry place and closing it carefully after opening.

How are traces of peanuts declared?

Botanically speaking, the fruit of the peanut is a pod, not a nut. Peanuts therefore belong to the legume family and are related to the pea, for example. Peanuts are also a declarable ingredient and must generally be declared on products if they are

Can bitter almonds also be included?

Sweet almond trees occasionally bear bitter almonds, which are generally indistinguishable from sweet almonds on the outside. This natural content is only a few percent in most almond varieties and is not harmful to health in this quantity. Despite c

What additives do the fruit and nut mixes have?

Our fruit and nut mixes do not contain any additives such as sugar, oils, salt or flavorings. Because our fruit and nut mixes are also 100% natural with 0% additives.

Are your fruit and nut mixes healthy?

Our fruit and nut mixes are a healthy snack alternative. Nuts are a natural source of healthy fats, fiber and protein. Our fruits offer a great nutritional profile and contain important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, for example. Our fruit and